Anchor Ravi Attends Nampally Court Today


Anchor Ravi who is one of the top anchors in Telugu TV, was present at the Namapally court, Hyderabad, over Supports Chalapathi Rao vulgar comments on ladies.  Ravi has defended the comments made by actor Chalapathi Rao, who objectified women at the pre-release function of Naga Chaitanya’s ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chudham’.

Going back to Story, Senor Actor Chalapathi Rao said that women are useful in beds at the pre-release event, he was ridiculed by all the celebrities. Lately, Anchor Ravi has been underlined by his haters. They claim that Ravi backed up Chalapathi Rao’s comments by saying Super.However, several women communities filed a case against him along with senior actor Chalapathi Rao.

Today, Ravi attended the Namapally court sessions. It is heard that the court adjourned the case to Feb 7th. He must attend the court on Feb 7th.

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