Exclusive Bigg Boss 11 Finale Update: Puneesh Sharma is First Contestant Eliminated from BB11?


Bigg Boss 11 Finale Update: Bigg Boss 11 is just a few hours away from the finale and will get its winner soon. Out of the last remaining four contestants now one more has had his run for the biggest prize ended. The voting lines were closed last night and the votes have now been counted.

[Will Salman and Akshay take Shilpa Shinde’s name as the winner? Only tonight’s episode will tell – don’t forget to catch  Bigg Boss Season 11 Grand Finale Live Updates]

However, The latest news that we hear about the grand finale night is that Puneesh Sharma is out of the finale race making way for Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan as finalists. We also hear that Puneesh may have exited with the house with some amount of money like is the ritual every year. His fans might be upset over this decision

A source from inside tells us that while Puneesh Sharma was already out last night, today Vikas Gupta is also out of the race! Thus, with these two men out of the scenario, it’s Hina vs Shilpa now! But we should wait for the official announcement. Akshay Kumar, who is currently promoting his film Pad Man, has already arrived to the sets of Bigg Boss and he will be in fact, announcing the winner of this season.

Can you feel the excitement in the air all around? The finale night will witness some interesting performances from the top three and also from all the former contestants. Naagin Shilpa Shinde and Sapera Vikas Gupta given an entertaining performance in Bigg Boss 11 Finale. Hina Khan will give a scintillating performance with her two best friends, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma on the BB11 stage! Don’t miss this, tonight at 9 PM only on the BB11Finale.

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