CBFC demanded Rajkumar Hirani to cut Ranbir Kapoor’s prison toilet scene


Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju has finally hit the screens today. Yesterday, the reports came out that CBFC has asked the makers to get rid of the prison scene. The CBFC is of an opinion that the scene was not adding to the narrative.

A source while talking about this to Mid-day said, “The scene wasn’t adding value to the narrative besides displaying the helpless situation of the protagonist. It was a judgment call taken from an artistic point of view which the filmmakers agreed to.” In an earlier interview, filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani while talking about this scene had said, “The scene is from Sanju’s earlier stint in jail. It happened in 1993, during the monsoon. On that particular day, the drain in his cell overflowed due to heavy rains.”

Activist Prithvi Mhaske wrote to Prasoon Joshi objecting the whole scene as according to him there were never any incidents reported.

And if you are thinking that the scene has been eliminated, then the answer is NO. The scene is very much there in the movie.

Ranbir has given a praise-worthy performance in the film. In an interview, Rajkumar Hirani reveled his reason of choosing Ranbir for the role. He had said, “I was very clear that Ranbir will play the part and the reason was that earlier, during his Rocky days, Sanju looked like Ranbir; they had the same height, both were from film families, their fathers are actors, they lived in a similar environment and Ranbir knew Sanju’s life. Also, it isn’t just about matching physicality, you have to feel like him, understand his life. Ranbir was equipped to do that and more than that he is a fantastic actor.”

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