Jimmiki Kammal Jackie Chan Version Going Viral with Video of Kung Fu Yoga


Jimmiki Kammal Jackie Chan Version: We all know, how much big hit is Jimmiki Kammal which came out in August 2017. Even Abhishek Bacchan from Bollywood and Jimmy Kimmel, The Tonight Show host liked. So, we know how much big it went. To the same song, there is a new video which surfaced online where Jackie Chan and gang from movie Kung Fu Yoga dance to the same song will blow your mind off.

There were many covers which came out with the song, but this time it came down to Jackie Chan’s turn to shake a leg for the hit song. The company with him are nothing but Sonu Sood, who is also popular in South India and Disha Patani who were starred in the movie beside Jackie Chan. The stars have shook their leg for the song but not actually the original song but you won’t find difference.

Jimmiki Kammal Jackie Chan Version Going Viral:

This Jimmiki Kamal version is made so cleverly that you won’t be able to tell the difference. That’s the beauty of the song! Without further ado, watch the super cool video right here:

This video contains the video song from the movie kung fu yoga with background music replaced with the malayalam song enttammede jimmikki kammal. The video hit 1 million views in youtube. So, we still got to know, how much popularity is there for the song.

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