Mufti Film Review: Shiv Rajkumar Mufti Movie Rating Gets 4*/5*


Mufti Movie Review : Mufti is a Kannada movie featuring Srii Murali, Shiv Rajkumar, Shanvi Srivastava and Vasishta N. Simha in prominent roles. It is an action drama directed by Narthan.Mufti is produced by the Jayanna-Bhogendra duo who are also one of the biggest distributors in the industry. Film Recevied Nice Response from Fans and Film Makers Earlier First Look Posters and Trailer of the movie had taken Sandalwood by storm. In just three days, the film’s trailer was the topic of every conversation in Sandalwood and it crossed 6 lakh views.

‘Mafti’ by Jayanna Combines in the first combination of Dr Shivarajakumar and Sri Murali is rocking in the box office. The story of duty bound offers who is like ‘Rakhas’ is in a nutshell about the film ‘Mafti’ that stars lucky actress Shanvi Srivatsa in the female lead.Scroll Down Below and Check Mufti Kannada Movie Review & Rating.

Mufti Kannada Film Review & Story Plot

Mufti is about undercover agent Gana (Sri Murali), who wants to expose the illegal activities of Bharathiga Ranagal (Shivaraj Kumar), who runs a parallel government in Ronapura.The cop’s target is accessible to only a limited number of people, and getting closer to him takes years of loyalty. With his intelligence, he gets into Ranagal’s den. Over time, he rises through the ranks and wins the trust of his boss.But the cop’s views towards Bharathigeera Ranagal change dramatically when he is hit by reality. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

In short, Mufti tells the story of a criminal who does good for the people while engaging in illegal activities. The operation to nab him with evidence forms the crux of the story.The first half belongs to Sri Murali, while Shivaraj Kumar owns the second half. In fact, Shivanna makes an entry only towards the end of the first half.Sri Murali has carried over his performance from Ugramm, and his body language is perfect for the role. Shivanna steals the show despite taking up a machete only in the climax!

Shivaraj Kumar’s facial expressions mirror his talent. This is probably the only film where you would not see a smiling Shivanna; truly a serious role for him.Shanvi Srivastava appears in a handful of scenes, and her presence does not make any difference to the story whatsoever. Devaraj, Sadhu Kokila, Vasistha and Chikanna have played their parts well.Do You Read This: Sai Dharam Tej Film Jawaan Review

The action sequences Packed by punch dialogues in the trailer have spiked the audience’s interest. The film is composed by Ravi Basru and given by Naveen Kumar. Sanvi Srivastava has acted as heroine, Devaraj, Chasing, Prakash Belawadi, Vasishtha Simha, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, Madhu Guruswamy etc are in the cast.

The movie released in 300+ theaters across Karnataka. Movie is directed by Narthan, Actress Shanvi Srivastava play lady interest of Srii Muruli on screen. While Vasishta N. Simha play the antagonist role. This is for first time Shivanna and Srii Muruli are pairing up for first time, earlier Shivanna did pair up with Srii Muruli brother Vijay Ragavendra for movie Rishi.

Shivanna Mufti Kannada Film Rating :4/5

Bottom Line : Worth to Watch

Srii Murali, Shiv Rajkumar Mufti Movie Twitter Live Audience Review.‏: #Mufti 1st half, intense crime thriller. Hard hitting dialogues mesmerizes. Interval bang culilminating with goosebumps. #RaviBasrur BGM is main plus of the 1st half.

Centurystarsrk: #Mufti 1st half mugithu BGM and dailogue sakath technically super rich matthe Shivanna introduction is goosebumps .. Kudos to director and music director.

Shirdi Pavan: #Mufti what a movie, making standards are equal to that of Hollywood. It reminded of the Godfather, it is time for pakkadamane boys to remake this movie.

Razhmi: #Mufti Interval. #DrShivanna entry is Brilliant. One of the Best in the recent years. First half highlight are Ravi Basrur Music, Train Sequence, Mass Dialogues and Cinematography. Bit slow Narrative so far.

Kishan Chadaga‏: Awesome movie, super cinematography worth watching #Mufti

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