Naga Babu Fires on Ram Gopal Varma and Yendamuri Veerendranath


Naga Babu Fires on Ram Gopal Varma and Yendamuri Veerendranath : Naga Babu who won’t accept anything that easily until and unless there is anything special about it fires on Ram Gopal Varma and Yendamuri Veerendranath in Khaidi No 150 Pre-Release Event. He didn’t take their names but addressed Yendamuri Veerendranath as an experienced writer who doesn’t have common sense.

Naga Babu didn’t stop there. He added that the star writer who has knowledge and also respects him but he is “Murkhudu”(Who doesn’t have any sense). Naga Babu didn’t reveal the name of Yendamuri but pointed at him saying that someone who made comments on Ram Charan’s public event. Naga Babu also added that he wanted to hype someone else and criticized Ram Charan and made some comments which doesn’t have any sense in them.

Ram Gopal Varma, who made comment on Chiru’s 150th Khaidi No 150 also caught the attention of Naga Babu who blow him up with his words. Even here Naga Babu didn’t mention any names regarding RGV but said that he is a director who is born in telugu industry and went to Mumbai for his living. He also added that, he doesn’t know how to direct and how to manage the movies. Better he learn to manage and direct them first before he put his fingers in our matters. Making up a little greater situation, Allu Arjun also joined the party and took his turn in pointing out who made comments on Chiru’s 150.

Naga Babu Said that all the Industry’s eyes are on Chiru. He also added that, “Even we came from a situation where they even can’t afford to this stage in a right way but not from the backdoor. This is the one which I have to say to that “Akku Pakshi”. He come online and make many comments which hurt the feelings of others. The director had a standard in the beginning but that has fallen apart now. Better you concentrate on that. Whatever you can do, do it in Bombay. Whoever makes comments on this film can’t stop from becoming a super hit and even can’t raise a failure movie. “