Nagarjuna in Another Multi-Starrer Under Chandoo Mondeti Direction


Nagarjuna to act in another multi-starrer under the direction of Chandoo Mondeti. After Oopiri, Nagarjuna got some confidence about Multi-Starrer as it went good at Box Office. Nikhil Siddharth is the one who is going to act beside Akkineni Nagarjuna. He has some good movies in the past 2 years and got a nice response from the audience.

Chandoo Mondeti to Direct Nagarjuna in Another Multi-Starrer:

Chandoo Mondeti directed “Karthikeya” and “Premam” and both went well at box office. This brought fame for this director and kept him in the recognizable list. This director doesn’t want his films to be commercialized. This has to be remained the same to keep his success going. Nagarjuna like the movie of Premam and saw the director closely how he handled the film. So, Nagarjuna without any other thoughts he gave him the opportunity.

Previously, Nagarjuna acted in a multi-starrer named “Oopiri” along with “Karthi” which became a success and now it is going to be “Nikhil Siddarth”. He is excited to act beside Nagarjuna who is a big start and is expecting the film to be a huge success than Oopiri. Chandoo Mondeti is also planning to make this film bigger than expected and rope another hit into his directorial success. The movie is expected to go on sets from March.