Nithiin and Varun Tej have taken an indirect dig at actress Sri Reddy for abusing PK


Sri Reddy and 15 junior artists had held a protest against casting couch and sexual exploitation in the Telugu film industry in Hyderabad on Monday. Talking about Pawan Kalyan’s advice, the actress made a derogatory comment against him and also showed her middle finger.

Talking to media, Sri Reddy said, “I am hitting myself with my slippers for calling him my brother. No women should treat you like their brother,” Besides abusing him, she stormed out showing her middle finger.”

The act has not gone down well with Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Many of them took to Twitter to say that enough is enough. They also said that serious action should be taken against Sri Reddy. A few even threatened to file police complaints against the actress.

Telugu actors Nithiin and Varun Tej and writer Kona Venkat have taken an indirect dig at actress Sri Reddy for abusing power star Pawan Kalyan.

Nithiin is a huge fan of power star Pawan Kalyan and he has often taken his references in his movies. In fact, he played the hero in the power star’s recent production Chal Mohana Ranga. He took to Twitter to warn Sri Reddy indirectly. The actor tweeted, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…just wait for it….its coming!!!”

Varun Tej tweeted a poster, which seemed like an indirect dig at Sri Reddy. The statement on the poster read, “Don’t bother with hypocrites or judgemental people who criticise you and put you down. They are too shallow to recognize their own weaknesses. It’s easier for them to try to make others feel bad than to look in the mirror at their own pathetic behavior.”

Today many cases are lodged and some of them include cases lodged at Punjagutta Police Station and also in Warangal. Seems like fans have taken the issue very seriously now and they are demanding an apology from the actress and also requesting police to take her into custody for disturbing the peace of the people under IPC 504.

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