Pawan Kalyan claims media offered him private apologies


Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who kept mum on Sri Reddy’s rant against him, took to Twitter on April 19 and alleged that it was TDP’s conspiracy against him. He also slammed the heads of some media houses for supporting TDP’s agenda. Pawan’s war on media is continuing and he suggested media channels approaching him for private apology.

Continuing his tirade on Twitter, Pawan Kalyan wrote, “Public Abuse and Private Apology doesn’t Work with me.. For 6 months You ABUSE & Do Emotional Atyachar on Me, My Fans,Suppoters, Friends, Party Cadre,Janasainks, Film Industry and as Cherry on the Top, You Abuse my Old Mother too.. You Sick minded degenerates and Now you send me feelers to apologise, privately!!”

So, Pawan revealed that the media channels are sending him feelers to compromise with a private apology. He also added, “Why should we read papers and watch TVs that abuse our mothers and sisters”

Almost everyone has their problems with the media. Every one of them eagerly waited to see Pawan Kalyan does something drastic to corner the media. Instead, he only strengthened their argument of Pawan Kalyan lacking the political subject.

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