Controversial Ram Gopal Varma Counter Attack on Mega Brother Naga babu


RGV Comments Naga babu :  Ram Gopal Varma made sensational comments on Naga babu. Initially as soon as the khaidi No 150 Boss is back event has completed Rgv twitter got hacked and some hackers made sorry tweets. But as soon as he recognised it  he tweeted that some hackers has hacked his account. Later he stated his tweets in his own aggressive style saying Naga babu doesn’t have 0.1%.  Here are the few tweets made by RGV.

This is not the first time Ram Gopal Varma has landed in such a situation. Often he tweets his observation on various topics, personalities and politics, which land him in trouble.

Ram Gopal Varma comments on Khaidi No.150 trailer via twitter.Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial tweets are creating buzz on Social media.Ram Gopal Varma calls Khaidi No.150 is fantastic.Khaidi No 150 trailer is very fantastic.Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet on Khaidi No.150 trailer is buzzing on Social media.

First Varma wrote a series of tweets in Telugu (in Roman script), ostensibly expressing sorry for his earlier comments.And then came out the real Varma. “Hey some idiot hacked my account and put tweets in telugu,” he said, and went on hammering Nagababu, calling him ‘Saar’ in a sarcastic tone. See the unstoppable Varma in these tweets, needling Nagababu to his heart’s content:

“Naga Babu Saaaaar because u can’t understand English please ask some educated friend to translate my tweets in telugu”

“Naga Babu Saaar u don’t have 0.1 greatness as ur great brother and that’s why ur great brother doesn’t make just meaningless noises like u”

“Nagababu Saaar before advising me what to do,please question urself what kind of Zabardast career u have had in ur entire non life”

“Naga Babu Saaar whole state knows what kind of wrong advise u gave ur great brother for prajarajyam and made him lose”

“Naga Babu Saar if u talk more I will tweet more and I know more than u can know more because more is more in u than more is more in me”

“Naga Babu saaar just saw Khaidi no.150 trailer and it’s Fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassstickk ..little better than AVATAR”

“Naga Babu saar many families ran becos of my career nd ur career runs only becos of ur brother’s family.. if u want I can tweet more on this”

“Naga Babu Saar it’s better u concentrate on pleasing ur brothers instead of wasting on akkupakshulu or u might be on roads..All the best ?”

These tweets are going viral in social media. Many others are waiting for the response of Nagababu on RGV’s tweets.

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