Samantha has broken her silence over kissing scene with Ram Charan


Actress Samantha has broken her silence over kissing scene with Ram Charan During the film’s promotion, Samantha has been boldly taking on questions about her personal life. Recently, she was featured in a kissing scene in Rangasthalam, for which she has been facing the wrath of people.

She revealed, “It is just a peck on the cheek and not a lip-lock. I know people were abusing me as to how I can do such scenes after my marriage. If married superstars do the same, will they ask such questions? Why me – because I am a female? Moreover, my family is supportive, especially my father-in-law, who pooh-poohed the detractors and hence I am working comfortably on the sets.”

After the release of Rangasthalam, pictures of her lip-lock scene had hit the internet. A section of ‘sanskari’ audience had slammed her and stated that she was bringing shame to her family.

Further, her ultra glamorous pictures on her Instagram account had also met with negative comments and she was body-shamed. “I know I would be trolled for posting a picture in a swimsuit on the beach, but do you expect me to wear a saree on the beach? I don’t post them to get attention! But who tells me what pictures I should post? Just because I am a married person, they troll me. No one needs to tell me as to how I should conduct my life. I don’t want to be scared. I don’t want to fall into that trap!” she said.

Samantha’s Mahanati is slated to release on May 9 while Irumbu Thirai is set to release on May 11. Apart from this movie, Samantha is working on Pawan Kumar’s U-Turn.

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