Stylish Star Allu Arjun Wished To Join Army


Mega Actor Stylish Star Allu Arjun showed his acting prowess in Naa Peru Surya which is running successfully with houseful collections. Allu Arjun is lauded for his tremendous performance in Naa Peru Surya that was released on May 4th. The film was screened for military majors in Hyderabad and a lot of people have attended the screening.

Speaking at the event, Allu Arjun told, “I did a lot of movies so far in my career and if a film becomes a hit, I get money and fame but with this particular film, I earned a lot of respect. This particular film has made me proud. It is very overwhelming to watch the film along with a lot of army majors. I am in debited to Indian army for allowing us to shoot the film in army quarters.”

Bunny also revealed that he applied for the Indian army. “I have applied for the Indian army and once I get the approval, I would definitely serve my country.” Said Allu Arjun adding that it is his responsibility.

Director Vakkantham Vamsi said, “Indian army is the inspiration for me to write this story. I am really pleased with the immense response from the real heroes. We once again thank Indian soldiers. If these kinds of films are encouraged, superstars will show interest to do such films. In fact, the audience will always encourage films with good concepts. I also thank all the Indians for cheering Naa Peru Surya- Naa Illu India.”

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