Tollywood Actors Received Notices in Drugs Racket Case from Excise Department


Tollywood Actors Received Notices in Drugs Racket Case: It is a big and bad day for many Tollywood actors who are involved in the investigation and received notices from SIT. Big names were involved in Tollywood Drugs Racket Case which involves 12 film personalities. The names include six actors and one director to give their statements in connection with the ongoing investigation.

The 12 famous personalities have been issued notices by the Telangana Excise (Enforcement) Department to appear before the SIT at its office between July 19 and 27. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Excise department has busted a huge drugs case on July 4th and the investigation for the same have been in the process and the 12 film industry personalities are also being investigated in the same process.

Tollywood Actors Received Notices in Drugs Racket Case:

Telangana Excise (Enforcement) Director Akun Sabharwal said that, “We have given notices to a few persons who we think are involved in drug and substance abuse. We want to record their statements so we have called them to appear before the SIT.”

According to the officials from SIT, “Among those who have been called for investigation is Tollywood’s top director Puri Jagannath who has directed 39 films including blockbusters like ‘Pokiri’. Others include top actor Ravi Teja, and P Navdeep, Tarun Kumar, A Tanish and P Subbaraju; actress Charmee Kaur, supporting actress Mumait Khan, cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, singer Ananda Krishna Nandu, art director Chinna N Dharmarao.”

Officials suspect that the high-profile gang was peddling Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) also commonly called acid and molly or molecule. On Wednesday, a 29-year-old Indian-American aerospace engineer who earlier worked for NASA was for peddling drugs in Hyderabad. His partner Ritul Agarwal was also arrested.

The Movie Artists Association (MAA) representing the Telugu film industry had earlier issued an advisory and warning to film starts and those associated with the film industry to refrain from using drugs. MAA President Sivaji Raja said that, “Drug users are not only ruining their lives but also bringing a bad name to the film industry.”

Producer Allu Aravind issued a warning that, “authorities wont spare anyone found to be involved in the drug racket. The industry is clean except for a few individuals who are spoiling the image of the Telugu film industry. We will give our full cooperation to the drug investigation.”

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