ABN Channel MD lodged Complaint against Pawan Kalyan


ABN Channel MD Radha Krishna the filed complaint against actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday with the Central Crime Station (CCS) in Hyderabad. The complaint, filed by B Mahender, the HR manager of ABN Andhra Jyothi news channel, alleged that the Jana Sena party chief was intentionally targeting the media outlet with ‘forged’ evidence. “He had posted a ‘forged’ video clip of actress Sri Reddy abusing him from his Twitter handle. The channel had muted the video and telecast it,” the complainant was quoted as saying.

Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Detective Department, Avinash Mohanty, also told reporters that the channel said it had censored the objectionable word, while Pawan Kalyan had tweeted an unedited version.

The police is seeking legal advice and will decide on whether to book a case soon.

This comes days after Pawan was served a notice from entrepreneur Srini Raju, a shareholder in Associated Broadcasting Company Private Ltd (ABCL), the parent company of TV9 Telugu.

Srini Raju’s advocate sent a legal notice to Pawan demanding deletion of the tweets, failing which ‘appropriate legal action’ would be taken.

Things turned ugly when Ram Gopal Varma confessed that it was him who instigated Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan. Since then, RGV has been facing the severe backlash from Pawan Kalyan fans. Later, both RGV and Sri apologized to the power star on Twitter.

Days after all these happened, in a series of tweets, the actor-turned-politician alleged that the whole episode was the conspiracy against him.

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