Air India Pilot Walks Out in Jaipur Refusing to Fly Beyond Duty Hours


Air India Flight Pilot Walks Out: An Air Alliance flight pilot walks out in mid saying that he won’t fly beyond his duty hours leaving 40 passengers behind who has to take bus to reach Delhi from Jaipur. Air Alliance is a whole subsidiary of Air India and this is a horrific incident to all the passengers who were travelling in the flight. They are forced to take bus after the pilot refused to fly.

“The pilot’s duty-time got over and therefore, he could not take the flight,” said JS Balhara, director, Sanganer airport, Jaipur. He said the pilot cannot exceed duty hours for safety reasons as per the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) norms.”The pilot and crew of a flight coming from Delhi was scheduled to take the flight (9I-644) from Jaipur to Delhi on last night. But, the flight from Delhi was delayed and landed at Jaipur at 1.30 am,” a staff at the Air India station office said.

Air India Flight Pilot Walks Out Refusing to Fly:

The pilot refused to fly due to duty limitations prescribed by the DGCA, he said. Some of the passengers were accommodated in hotels, some were taken to Delhi by road and others were sent in another flight, he added. According to Airport officials, ” some of the passengers were taken to Delhi by road while others were provided hotel accommodation and the rest were sent on another flight this morning.”

The Flight 9I 644 whose passengers were left stranded was supposed to fly from Lucknow to Delhi via Jaipur. While it was supposed to arrive at the pink city at around 9 PM, it was delayed and arrived only at about 1:30 AM. While its was already delayed by 4 hours, it could not take off until 2 AM due to smog at the capital and other technical issues at Delhi airport.

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