Chennai Four Students arrested for carrying weapons on suburban train


On Monday Chennai Police arrested four students after a video clip showing students who were seen brandishing swords on a train and outside a railway station creating panic among the people this incident happen at Nemmilichery railway station, 35 km from Chennai central. This Video going viral in social media In Which students leaned out of the train doors and waving around sharp knives. The students then got off the train and created a ruckus at the station as well. The incident took place on October 6.

As Per Reports of Police found that the four students are were Presidency College. They claimed that they did it just to show off their capabilities as a mark of pride. All are residents of Thirunindravur.The police are on the lookout for Pachaiyappa’s College students, who posted a video in which they can be seen travelling in an EMU brandishing billhooks and bursting crackers on the platform of the Nemilicherry railway station.

“Immediately after the video went viral over social media, we along with the Railway Protection Force personnel scanned the trains and alerted the police to trace the persons,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police V. Gunasekaran of the Government Railway Police.

Students of Pachaiyappa’s and Presidency College, prominent institutions in Chennai, have in the past been involved in various instances of violence and rivalry. So Chennai police have arrested four students and the police state that this was a case of route rivalry between two colleges. The college management has also been informed of the issue and the college as well is expected to take action against the erring students.More details are awaited.

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