Delhi IGI Airport : Fire near one of the runways 2 flights disrupts landing


Delhi Airport Fire :  A minor fire breaks out at delhi airport one of the runways at the Indira Gandhi International Airport today forced at least two flights disrupts landing at the last minute, according to officials. As Per Reports The incident happened around 11 am in the morning when a patch of grass near runway 27 caught fire this morning. Sources present at the spot told PTI that it was a minor fire which lasted only for a few minutes.

However, Vistara’s UK 970 arriving from Mumbai and another Air India plane had to do a go-around because of the fire, officials at the airport said.A go-around is when a pilot aborts landing at the last minute, circles the airport and prepares for another approach. There were no comments from airport sources on whether fire engines had to be deployed to douse the fire.


In 2012  major fire had broken out in the cargo section of Indira Gandhi International Airport causing damage to property worth crores but no one was injured in the incident. Keep watching the Space for more latest updates

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