Egg Price Hike Rs 7 per piece, Check Why Egg Price Increased ?


Hike in Egg Price current retail rates of around Rs 7 per piece in Many States, it may be more worthwhile for people to eat chicken instead. The Poultry farmers in Mumbai have been selling eggs at a monthly average of Rs 582 per 100 eggs in November as compared to Rs 422 in October. This works out to around Rs 6.5 to Rs 7.5 per piece, which is Rs 120-Rs 135 per kg (supposing the average weight of egg is 55 gms). This is almost equivalent to Rs 130 to Rs 150 – the rate at which chicken is sold.

As We know “Egg prices usually rise at every winter due to demand, while broiler rates fall because supply goes up, with the birds taking less time to reach slaughter weight. But we have never seen this kind of price hike in eggs ever before,” said a leading egg products manufacturer based in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

This unprecedented rise in prices has been attributed to the recent surge in vegetable prices and a consecutive 15 per cent surge in demand for eggs, according to Raju Bhosale, executive member of the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC). “When vegetables turn costly, people switch to eggs, pushing up its rates as well. This is simple substitution effect,” claimed Bhosale.

Also, drought in parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu led to prices of maize rising which is the main input for poultry production.

Considering that egg production isn’t going to recover as fast as broiler, consumers may have to wait for a few more days for lower price. In the meantime, it might be better for them to have chicken.

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