Indian Railways Launching MADAD App Dedicated for Lodging Complaints


Indian Railways is the biggest market in the country and a source of travel for many. So, the railways want to increase the proximity of their surveillance and make new ways for passengers to complain about the railways about the difficulties. So, the Indian railways are launching an application which will help you lodge complaints and grievances with Indian Railways on the go.

Indian Railways is going to launch a dedicated mobile application rather appropriately named ‘MADAD’ (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During travel) later this month to enable its passengers to lodge complaints, be it over food quality or dirty toilets. They can also requests emergency services through the app. The complaint lodged through the app will directly reach the relevant officials of the divisions concerned and the action taken can be relayed online.

The proposed app would integrate all passenger grievance and redressal mechanisms in the railways. “As of now, we have 14 channels through which passengers can register their grievances. Each has its own response time and even standards of response. While some are active, others are not. We wanted to have one transparent, standardised grievance redressal process. This app is likely to be launched this month,” a senior official said.

The app would also display total monthly complaints received and resolved by the Indian Railways and show ranking of top five and bottom five railway stations and Rajdhani, Shatabdi trains of each zone in terms of faster complaint resolutions to encourage transparency and accountability, the official said.

“The introduction of this system does not mean that we will not respond to complaints on the other forums. But eventually, we want to use this one integrated system. This will also represent a holistic picture of weak, deficient areas and will enable focused corrective action by officials concerned,” the official said.

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