Janasena Pawan Kalyan Demands AP Govt explanation on Dalit Woman Stripped, Assaulted in Visakhapatnam


On December 18, Tuesday, a Dalit woman, in the tribal region of Pendurthi in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, was allegedly beaten up and stripped by upper caste political leaders in public, following a dispute over land in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The incident happened when an attempt was made to vacate the Dalit families from a particular land.

The Incident came to light on Wednesday, with the local Dalit organisations and Left party leaders lodging a complaint with the Pendurthi police and staging a demonstration demanding action against the accused. The Pendurthi police have taken six persons in custody and shifted the victim to the King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam.

Today Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, questioned the AP government regarding the issue. He wrote his statements on Twitter. In a Series of Tweets, Pawan Kalyan said,”People seek an explanation from AP Govt on the Visakhapatnam incident where a helpless woman was brutally assaulted by some political leaders( as the reports say they are from TDP).I was deeply disturbed by what i heard & saw.”

“Lack of stringent action by police & Govt on perpetrators will send wrong indications in public. In Situations like this I show restraint not to incite emotions as I had seen the repercussions of Karamchedu & chunduru incidents. Issue being extremely sensitive in nature,any kind of statement without a forethought would create deep fissures between harmonious coexistence of communities.”

“If the Govt doesn’t respond in the manner it has to then the outcome for sure will not be pleasant one.Think of Rohit Vemula incident how it shook up the entire nation and request the authorities not to be mute spectators. If I come and address the issue personally,it would put a tremendous load on authorities in every way possible. Hence I plead Govt to make sure that helpless woman honour be restored and justice be done.”

“In such incidents atrocities done by few individuals on one helpless victim or a group will get a caste colour though the rest of the community has nothing to do with it. Crimes done by individuals on others will eventually be portrayed as community clashes.”

“Apart from the Govt & authorities,I also plead the community leaders of that particular caste (where the perpetrators hail from )should also address the issue & condemn it in public for the sake of peaceful coexistence & general well-being of society. And I also request Media to play a constructive & responsible approach than a sensational approach.”

Let’s wait and See how this issue gets solved. For more latest news updates follow: PressKS