Rajkot Professor Murders Sick Mother Throwing Her Off Building Terrace In


In a horrible incident, A young man allegedly killed his sick mother in Rajkot by throwing her off the terrace of a building. The mother was sick and ailing. Anyway, Police have arrested the accused, who is a professor, in the alleged murder case three months after the death.

The horrific incident took place in September last year. As believed earlier, Jayshreeben Vinodbhai Nathvani, died on September 27 by jumping off the terrace of her own building – Darshan Avenue in Gandhigram area – and died on the spot. Police had earlier registered a suicide case and closed the file.

But an anonymous letter and CCTV footage of the building helped them to establish that it was murder and not suicide. However, her son was nabbed on Thursday. Sandip Nathwani, who teaches at Mody Pharmacy College in Rajkot, allegedly pushed his mother Jayshreeben to death on September 29 as he was “fed up” with her illness, according to police.

Upon interrogation, Sandip said, “My mother was going for sun obeisance and I was helping her.” Police then checked the CCTV footage and found Sandip helping his mother climb up the stairs.

“We found from the CCTV footage that Jayshreeben’s son was along with her when she jumped from the terrace and it’s not possible to commit suicide in the company of son. The role of the son has come under scanner,” DP Karanraj Vaghela said.

Nathwani has complained of uneasiness during the interrogation on Thursday and was admitted to hospital. He would be formally arrested once he is discharged from the hospital. Police registered an FIR against Nathwani under Section 302 (Punishment for murder) of the IPC on the basis of the application received by them.

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