Republic TV Journalist Almost Manhandled Pradyuman’s Father During an Interview


Republic TV Journalist Almost Manhandled Pradyuman’s Father: 7-year-old Pradyuman’s murder has become an national interest and everyone is grieving for the poor kid. While this is going on, the media is fighting to take the interview of the victim’s father. Vishal Thakur, father of the deceased child, has been appearing on news channels to address the safety of children in schools. During one such interview, Vishal Thakur was addressing the panel at Times Now.

While the camera was still rolling, a lady in black dress suddenly came into the scene and trying to intervene and stop the interview. She is none other than the journalist from a popular news media agency, i.e., Republic TV. The arc rival of Times Now is Republic TV. So, the journalist from Republic TV couldn’t resist the deceased’s father giving an interview to Times Now before them.

Republic TV journalist standing right next to Vishal Thakur tried to snatch the mic off his collar in order to stop the rival channel Times Now’s broadcast. The video clip shared by Tehseen Poonawalla‏ on Twitter is going viral.

According to a report in Jansatta, Vishal Thakur was giving an interview to Times Now which was already scheduled. However, this did not go down too well with Republic TV that a rival channel scored the live interview before them. Thus, Republic TV channel allegedly forced their journalist (in Black) to intervene and stop the ongoing interview with Times Now.

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