Sadhvi Gunaratna Shreeji Maharaj Fast For 16 Months Passes Away After Losing 20 Kgs


Gunaratna Samvatsar is very well recognized as the biggest ever Tapascharya undertaken in the entire Jain religion. Under this, a person does not touch the food for 377 days. Food intake is done only for 72 days in the form of beverages like fruit juices.

Coming to the reports, the last person who decided to practice this was a Jain monk, Hansratnavijayji Maharaj Saheb. He created history by breaking 423 days of fasting done over a period of 494 days. According to the Jain gurus, it is said that such a feat has been achieved after 2,500 years. Such fasting is a form of penance called ‘Gunaratna Samvatsar Tap’.

And now after him, Sadhvi Gunaratna Shreeji Maharaj, 57, became the first Sadhvi to take this initiative. After Lord Mahavir, Muni Hansratnavijayji Maharaj and two Shravakis have performed this recitation She survived 458 days of the fast and took her Samadhi on December 29, 2017, at 7:30 am.

Sadhvi Gunaratna Shreeji Maharaj from Gautampura, MP, entered Deeksha when she was 17 years old. Acharya Abhayuday Sagar Maharaj gave her the initiation. She lived the life of Sadhvi for 40 years. 23 more people from her family have accepted Deeksha including her parents and brother. They only intake fruit juice or moong on the days they eat.

She will forever be remembered for being this resistance that she survived all the consequences in these 458 days of her fasting under the biggest Tapasya of Gunaratna Samvatsar. Before she passed away, Sadhvi Gunaratna Shreeji had said that everyone lived because of eating, but there are seldom people who live by sacrificing. She decided to live like a Sadhvi at an early age because according to her religious austerity is best for well-being and welfare of humans.

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