TN students refuse to accept their teachers’ transfer


Tamil Nadu 28-year-old teacher made it to national headlines on Thursday evening as his students bid him an emotional goodbye. It was G Bhagawan, an English teacher’s last day at Government High School in Veliagaram, but students won’t let him go. They cried, hugged and held him by the arm as he tried to snake way through the crowd of students. Pictures and videos of the heartbroken students holding their beloved teacher have gone viral on social media.

During Media Interaction G Bhagawan Said “I was posted here in 2014 and I have surpassed my tenure here. I got my transfer letter and as I was leaving the school yesterday when the students surrounded me. I felt a sudden gush of emotions and indeed I will miss them all. I had to move on to another school according to the rules. I attended the government counseling and chose Arungulam,” G Bhagawan said.

Bhagawan taught from Class 6 to 10. Speaking about this emotional reception, Bhagwan said that his colleague who got transferred had left before him. He revealed that the students had even taken away his scooter key and snatched his bag as well.

“I was stopped by students when I stepped out of the office. They took away my scooter key first. Then they snatched my bag, crying and shouting loudly. Then they literally dragged me to the classroom. I earned not only my salary but their love and affection too,” he added.

The Times of India quoted a student as saying, “Many of us were not comfortable with English but with his encouragement, we were able to improve. He was always available to clear doubts at any time of the day and we could call him even late in the evenings after the special classes.” Bhagawan would not only focus on the mere syllabus but give them information on General Knowledge, current affairs, social service and focus on employment-oriented education.

His investment in his students was much more than the subjects he taught. Apart from syllabus and lessons, life lessons too formed an integral part of his teachings.

With English, he even took interest in teaching them general knowledge and social sciences.

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