Top scientist says, We Will Stop Consuming Alcohol in a Generation


Western societies could give up alcohol within a generation in favour of hangover-free synthetic alcohol, a leading drugs scientist has claimed. Former UK Government Drugs Adviser Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London, has claimed that alcohol will be erased from society within a generation or two, as it is replaced by a safer alternative.

Professor David said the man-made liquor will have the same intoxicating effect on us but won’t harm our health. He also believes that cigarettes and tobacco will be entirely replaced by e-cigarettes.

“In another 10 or 20 years, Western societies won’t drink alcohol except on rare occasions. Alcosynth will become the preferred drink, in the same way that I can see — almost within a decade now in the Western world — tobacco and cigarettes will disappear as they’re replaced by electronic cigarettes,” Professor Nutt told IB Times UK.

His venture Alcarelle are currently seeking $12m in funding in order to bring an ‘alcosynth’ to market across the U.S. U.K. Europe or Canadian markets.  Their product mimics the intoxication element of drinking, without the physical toll to the body, such as social lubrication, without damaging our bodies.

He added another benefit would be “less violence on the street, less vomiting and less unpleasantness in city centres”. “Alcohol kills more than malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis and dengue fever put together,” Professor Nutt said.

‘Hangover-free alcohol’ is how it has been reported so far, and while there is no doubt this product would be a financial success based on that factor alone, the benefits Nutt is describing stretch far beyond the financial.

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