Villagers in Karnataka Separates Baby Elephant from Mother, Just to Click Selfies


Faced with a selfie-crazy mob clicking away on mobile phones, an elephant deserted its calf in a village and ran into the forests on Monday. Forest officials are now camping in Kurubarahundi village in Chamarajanagar, hoping the mother returns for the young one.

The incident happened on Monday morning, in Kurubarahundi village of Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, where three elephants entered the village in search of food. Locals Villagers tried to drive them away back into the forest by shouting and bursting crackers. While the adult elephants scampered due to the noise and rushed back into the forest, the young calf, Baby Elephant, couldn’t catch up with them and got isolated, got left behind alone.

Even after that, the calf began to cry and the mother didn’t dare to return to it as the calf was surrounded by the villagers who were clicking selfies with it. Gradually, the villagers took the calf away from its mother.

By the time, When the forest officials arrived, they calmed the traumatised calf down. They took it to the office for treatment and to soothe its anxiety. Unfortunately, during the time the officials took the baby for treatment the mother elephant reached the village, looked for the calf and returned back into the forest after she was unable to find her anywhere. Authorities said they would send the calf back to the forest late evening and keep a watch.

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