Kathi Mahesh Agnyaathavaasi Review – Waste Film in Pawan Kalyan Career


Agnyaathavaasi Review by Kathi Mahesh: Finally Film Critic Came up his Opinion after watching Agnyaathavaasi has film opened to a mixed talk. Before the reviews from other critics have come out, film critic Mahesh Kathi viewed the movie and rated it.Not deviating overtly from other reviewers and sync’ing with many reviews Mahesh Kathi too rated it as a waste of time watching Agnyaathavaasi.Agnyaathavaasi belittles cinema with a comedy narration for a serious story. This is the worst in the careers of Pawan and Trivikram. If you take the risk and watch…your time….your wish!!

He declared that Agnyaathavaasi film a dud and even suggested the audience to watch this film at the costing of wasting their time. This short & shocking review may go in a negative manner for the hardcore Pawan fans. We need to wait and see how this sarcastic review on Agnyaathavaasi would be taken by the Powerstar fans.

He already stated- He would wait until 15th January on the issue with fans and will say the course of action on the most happening issue of the season.

On Flip Side, A verbal war is going on between Pawan Kalyan’s fans and film critic Kathi Mahesh. Recently Kathi Mahesh posed six sensational questions over Powerstar’s alleged relationship with Poonam Kaur and other issues. Kathi Mahesh even questioned Pawan Kalyan’s tantric poojas. Adding fuel to fire, a fan spoofed a video song of Kodaka Koteswara Rao, which was earlier sung by Pawan Kalyan, replacing the lyrics with Kodaka Kathi Mahesh. Most of the fans are giving warning to Kathi in their own style.

Watch the video for more info.

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