Build Nature Friendly Pot Cooler at Cheaper Rates that Produce Temperatures Cooler than Air Conditioner


Summer is something which Indian sub continent will be taking seriously. There are many methods that one will perform to combat the heat. One is Plastic Cooler and the other is Air Conditioner. But, there is a new way which is gathering the attention since the past two weeks, i.e., Pot Cooler. So, as the name suggests it uses pot as the primary raw material which will make the air cooler than how it is.

Keeping the sand moist all the time enables evaporation to cool the produce kept inside the inner pot. This enables the storage of freshly grown vegetables to last much longer than usual in a hot climate. It is also great for using at a picnic or outdoor meal where there is no electricity outside but food or drinks need to be kept cool. Here is how to make your own.

Steps to Build Natural Friendly Pot:

  • Cut a small hole on the side of the pot which you selected. Make Sure there are no holes for the pot initially. (You can check it by filling water inside the pot)
  • In the top portion of the pot, make some holes at regular intervals horizontally. These holes will be used to make a net inside the pot. This net will be used as a holder for the grass which is used in coolers. The grass must be inserted from the top opening of the pot.
  • Place a water pump on the grass which will in turn be connected to a pipe for pumping the water from inside the cooler on to the grass.
  • After the initial insertion of grass, we have to put a fans on top covering the upper portion of the pot. You can also place a finger guard if you have small children at home.
  • The hole which we have made at the beginning will be used for the power supply (14W). Next thing to make sure everything looks secure.
  • We just have to pour three jugs of water insides which can be used for three days.

Here is the Video for making it.

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