This Delhi Boy Is The 1st Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed – SEE PICS


Karan Eyeballs Tattooed: This 28 year old boy Karan who hails from Delhi was full-time professional tattoo artist and piercer, says he has lost count of the number of tattoos he has on his own body.In fact, there are enthusiasts who live by the art of body modification and everything that comes with it. Including living on the edge and embracing changes that many might deem dangerous. Karan latest tattoo is one that he’s not likely to forget about any time soon. Karan says he’s the first Indian ever to get his eyeballs tattooed. He has Posted several pictures and videos of himself and his “new eyes” on social media.

Karan he says he was 13 when he got his first tattoo. At 16, he started tattooing “as a hobby” and soon, opened up his own tattoo studio in the capital. Karan has also put out a disclaimer for tattoo enthusiasts, after a similar procedure in Canada went horribly wrong, making a person who was trying to get her eyeballs tattooed partially blind.

Eyeball tattoos, also referred to as scleral tattoos, are a relatively new extreme body modification where needles inject ink into the whites of a person’s eyes to permanently dye it a different colour. The long-term effects are unknown.

He got eye tattoed from the one and only man on the planet who invented eyeball tattooing ten years back,” Karan shares. He shows his coloured eyeball and says, “there is no swelling or anything of that sort.” “Recently one Canadian girl got her eyes inked from one of those people who are trying to do everything but they know nothing.”So guys, if you are one of interested, makes sure you get it done by a thorough professional. And karan, WOW!