Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas: Top 10 Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Your Mom


Mother’s Day 2017 gift ideas: Mother’s Day is coming up on May, 14, which means you should start thinking of the perfect gift for Mom on this special day.  International mothers day is a day in order to honour mothers, maternal bonds as well as motherhood. Mothers day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world. It is commonly celebrated on Second Sonday in the month of May.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, what better time to shower a new mom or mom-to-be with gifts? If you’re looking for a great gift for the special day, you’ve come to the right place. Here I am providing you with some gift ideas. Hope you will like them.

A clean and organized home

Mom’s work super hard each day and there’s something to be said for letting someone else do the work once in a while. This mother’s day give mom the day (or even the week) off and do the work for her. Laundry, dishes and even the dusting. She will appreciate the time off.

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Photo Album

Collect some memorial photos of you and your mom together right from your childhood and take new copies of them. Then take a photo album and place all the photos you collected only on the left side of the album. Take some colourful papers and write some quotations about motherhood and your mom with sketches or sparkle pens. Then place these papers with quotations on the right side of the album besides every photograph. Now it is done. Pack it in a gift pack and present to your mom.

Plan a family outing/activity

Pack your bags, fuel up your car, and get set go on a road trip with the family. Your mum must have some favourite destinations that don’t require a lot of travel time. Book some quality family time, a nice suite in a darling little cottage and turn Mothers Day into Mothers Weekend!

Health check-up

All these years, our mothers have been giving a duty not only of a mother but also of a doctor and they have done an incredible job! No matter how late it is, they would sleep beside you and not budge till our fever came down! Mummies of the world keep their health as the last priority and we should help them change that. Book her a health checkup and ensure she is fit as a fiddle.

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A special Gift

No one knows about the tastes and preferences of your mom more than you. Gift a particular thing which your mom loves the most like saree/dress, cosmetics, music, jewellery, Wallet and other accessories. If you know about her very well then you can gift that particular thing which your mom loves along with the mothers day greetings and surprise her.


Jewellery does not mean that you have to present a big necklace or something big. Just a locket with pics of your mom and you is enough to surprise her on this mothers day. Place the picture of you and your mom inside a locket and hang it with a chain whether gold or other metal and give it to your mom. Though this idea is old but it makes your mom happy for your attempt.

Surprise her with lunch

If you know cooking then cook some favourite recipes of your mom and serve it to her for lunch. If you do not know cooking do not worry, plan for a lunch outside at a restaurant or hotel and order her favourites. Obviously, the bill will not be paid by your mom this time. You will be paying the bill this time.

Unique Greeting card: Prepare a greeting card for yourself and include some sayings about mother in that. Remember to prepare the card in a unique way using unique products. The cards may be prepared with some attractive and colourful threads, roock salt mixed in colour and you can use whest, rice or other cereals to prepare a greeting card.

Collage:  Prepare a collage with some pretty and memorable snapshots along with some sayings and quotes about your mom and give it to her and surprise her.

Video: Collect memorable and unforgettable pics right from your childhood and prepare a video using them. Also add some music resembling mothers love to the video and show it to your mother and at last greet her on mothers day.

Your Mom anyway loves you. Show her how much you do. We know love can never be quantified because it is abstract. But, the intensity of it can be easily felt. Keeping all that in mind, shower her these cute little things and wish her a great “Mother’s Day” in the year 2017. Because “Mommy you are the best.”

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