New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes for Midnight Toast and Party Rocker


New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes: Everyone wants to start the new year with bang and enjoy the rest of the night with cocktails. Many of them want to invite their friends and family and host the party. Clink glasses of these mixed drinks and cocktails with these easy recipes that we present to you below at your New Year’s Eve party. Ring in the new year in style with these memorable cocktail recipes.

No other drink seems better suited to a celebration than Champagne. When those special moments arrive, you’ll want to make sure you know how to open and serve this special beverage. Though champagne is considered as New Year’s traditional drink in New York, this is one of the tradition breaker which you might like and continue with easy recipes at you midnight bash.

New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes for your Party:

  1. Orange and Raspberry Mimosa:
    Laura Vitale’s mimosas have a double dose of juicy fruit with oranges and raspberries, and the pink hue makes a beautiful midnight toast.
    : In a blender, puree together the orange juice, raspberries and sugar if using. Pour about 1/4 cup of the raspberry-orange puree in the bottom of each glass and top with some prosecco. A few fresh mint leaves really make this easy cocktail sparkle!
  2. Manhattan:
    Recipe: Take 2 oz rye whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth and 2 dashes Angostura bitters. Stir the ingredients with cracked ice, then strain into in a chilled coupe. Garnish with an orange twist or brandied cherry.
  3. Bourbon Fig:
    A sweet and tangy compote that is excellently paired with a blue cheese or Brie. Serve with crackers.
    :Combine figs, sugar, whiskey, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and salt in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until liquid reduces by half, about 30 minutes. Cool before serving.
  4. Medusa:
    Recipe: Shake vodka, lime juice and apple juice and then add cucumber, fennel and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve chilled in a ceramic stone glass, if available.
  5. Gin & Tonic
    Take the amount of Gin to preference and the Tonic water to the amount to preference. Pour over ice, garnish with lime wedge and serve.

    gin-and-tonic-recipeThis is one of the traditional drinks that many people will be ordering.

  6. Martini:
    It’s a drink so simple that every Martini lover eventually settles on their own preferred recipe, whether it’s one that’s super-dry, way-dirty, on the rocks or off.

    Recipe: Take 2 oz of gin and 1 oz dry vermouth and add them to ice-filled mixing glass or metal shaker. Stir, don’t shake, for about 10 seconds. Strain into a coupe or cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon peel.

  7. Dark N Stormy:
    The drink is delicious and the intriguing color and look of the cocktail led to its fanciful name.


    Recipe: Take 1 part Gosling’s Black Seal rum and 2 parts ginger beer. Fill glass with ice, add, rum, then top with ginger beer. Squeeze in, then garnish with a lime wedge.

  8. Gimlet:
    Gimlet specifically calls for bottled lime juice, namely Rose’s, which was available to sailors on long voyages when a sack of fresh-picked limes weren’t.

    Recipe: Take 2 oz gin (or vodka) and ⅔ oz Rose’s lime juice. Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

  9. Champagne Cocktail:
    A cocktail list won’t be complete without at least one champagne cocktail.

    Recipe: You have to take 3 oz Champagne, ⅓ oz Cognac, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 1 sugar cube. Then Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitter and sugar cube into a Champagne flute. Add cognac followed by gently pouring chilled champagne. Express a lemon twist over top.

  10. Negroni:
    negroni-recipeRecipe: Take 1 oz London dry gin, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 1 oz Campari. Stir with ice for 20-30 seconds. Strain into coupe glass. Garnish with orange peel.

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