Top Holi Lifehacks and Tips to Keep Color Stains Off Your Bike or Car this Festive Season


Keep Color Stains Off Your Bike or Car: The Holi season is filled with joy and colors. But what after it is done. You will see yourself and your vehicles in deep colored stains. You will try many things to keep your vehicle and you away from all the stains even if you wanted to hide them. So here are some quick tips you can follow to keep your body from damaging and your vehicles away from color stains.

Tips to Keep Color Stains Off Your Bike or Car on Holi:

Hide Your Vehicles: Hiding is nothing but keeping it away from where the color don’t go. If you have a vehicle then better don’t take it out on the day of Holi. It is better to keep your vehicle off the roads and give rest to your vehicle on Holi. The first tip is prevention but not the entire thing. But what if you have taken it out. Read the entire article.

Parking your Vehicle: If there is a plan to hide your vehicle, choose the correct spot. Now what do I mean by correct spot ? So, place or park your vehicle where there will be no disturbances of people playing holi or where it is minimal. Use plastic covers to spread over it as it saves your vehicle better than other covers.

Waxing Vehicle: If you think you don’t have any space to park the vehicle where it will be minimal, the better thing to do as a precautionary measure is waxing the vehicle. Waxing the vehicle is like oil or cold cream to your body. The waxing will take the colors off easily from your vehicle and that will save the original color and make the vehicle shine again.

Saving Interior: If you take precautions only for the outer part of your vehicle won’t save you entire vehicle. You have to do it for the entire vehicle. Cover your interior with polythene well wrapped around the seats and everything you want to save. This is the best time to make it as you will be feeling sad for not taking necessary precautions after getting stains on your vehicle.

Get Rid of Detergents: While washing your car or bike, make sure you don’t use harsh chemical detergents on your vehicle. It may take the polish away from your vehicle. This will be the stupidest thing to do if you take care of your vehicle. Use shampoo or detergents which are specific to the vehicle.

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