Torc Robotics Self-Driving Car rides on Las Vegas Streets during CES 2018


Torc Robotics is offering consumers private rides in its self-driving cars on the streets of Las Vegas during CES 2018. The rides mark the start of the consumer-testing phase of commercializing Torc’s Asimov self-driving car system. The consumer testers will encounter a wide range of Las Vegas traffic on public roads – from the famous pedestrian- and traffic-saturated strip, to busy freeways and cross roads.

“The public will get to experience self-driving rides through the Las Vegas strip, freeways, and streets of Las Vegas,” said Torc CEO Michael Fleming. “Torc’s Asimov fleet autonomously handles complex intersections, traffic lights, high-speed merges, and unpredictable pedestrians. Then there is the all-too-common Las Vegas tourist slowing unexpectedly to catch a special view.”

Torc joins a number of other companies, including Aptiv and Navya, putting their self-driving cars onto the Las Vegas streets during CES 2018, letting convention attendees get their first rides in what will be the future of transportation. To participate, visit Torc’s CES booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Plaza – NP 16 and complete a survey. Consumer testers will be randomly selected.

Self-driving car development has picked up incredible steam in recent years, as an array of companies representing traditional automakers, equipment suppliers and big tech all dip their oars in the water. The technology promises not only to make getting around more convenient and accessible, but also to make roads much, much safer.

Torc is one of the oldest self-driving car teams developing autonomous technology today and the Asimov self-driving system is the product of 10 years of autonomous system experience kick-started by a third-place win in the historic 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.

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