Infosys Concentrates on Hiring Locals in US amid New H1B Visa Norms


Infosys Concentrates on Hiring Locals: Infosys which has 60% of its revenue in the previous fiscal year is now concentrating on hiring locals in United States. With the change in H1B visa norms and new bills which were introduced under President Trump’s administration, Infosys is looking forward to tackle any situation and stay away from the mess. Infosys is also setting up development and training centres in the country as part of its efforts to tide over visa-related issues.

Infosys chief operating officer U.B. Pravin Rao told investors on a recent conference call that, “We are closely monitoring the overall situation with respect to visa… in the last 24 months, we have focused on increasing our presence in the US with a lot more local hiring.” This has much to do with the company as we can see the income generated for the company is in United States.

Infosys Concentrates on Hiring Locals Amid H1B Visa Norms:

U.B. Pravin also added that, “at this stage, Infosys has not seen any “undue things” that will impact the way it does business. “In this year, we will continue that focus. We will accelerate it. We will also start looking at developments and training centres in the US as well.” Infosys’ $10.2 billion revenue in the 2016-17 fiscal came from North American market which makes it worry a little bit over the market share.

The New H1B Immigration policy advises immigration officials to no longer follow an “obsolete” memo from 2000, which provided guidance on how to vet requests for H-1B visas, a type of visa for high-skilled workers that’s popular in the tech industry. The new policy also garners the need of requirement set of employees who have the sufficient degree in that occupation.

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