Is it Real or Fake RBI Going to Introduce Rs 200 Note with Full Security Feature


RBI 200 Rs Note Fake or Real: According to the latest reports, Narendra Modi along with Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has decided to introduce Rs. 200 Note with full security Features. The specimen of Rs. 200 Note looks the same as other notes but there will be additional security features which will be an asset to control the fake notes which were being printed outside India.

There were specimen’s all over the social media which was going viral. It showcases that the color of the new Rs. 200 note will be green in color and will also have some security features which are being discussed. There was a meeting on thursday by the officials of RBI and they have decided this to introduce the Rs. 200 note to add more security to the present day notes.

RBI 200Rs Note Fake or Real Specimen Going Viral on Social Media:

Government plans to check the currency notes security features which should be monitored for every 3-4 years. The same way, new Rs. 2000 note also has 17 security features in which 11 security features were cracked down by many fake notes and represents the same as the original note. The recent survey has shown these results of 11 cracked features.

The decision to introduce the new note was reportedly taken after a high-level meeting last Thursday, March 30. There has not been any official confirmation from either the RBI or the government about the launch of the new currency note.

One of the Twitter user, also posted that the Rs. 200 note will son become reality. “@newsfirstlive – NewsFirst : Modi Govt likely to introduce Rs 200 note with full security feature. It is learnt. #RBI #Currency”. There are some more posts in facebook which shows the specimen.

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