Reliance Jio Says ‘Happy New Year Offer’ Different from ‘Welcome Offer’ in Response to TRAI’s Letter


Reliance Industries gave an explanation to TRAI about the Happy New Year Offer which they called ‘Predatory’. Reliance asked for time to give them a detailed explanation about the Happy New year offer till December 29 and they gave an explanation saying that ‘Happy New year Offer’ is different from ‘Welcome Offer’.

Reliance Jio in Response to TRAI – Happy New Year Offer Different from Welcome Offer:

In response to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) seeking clarity on the offers, the Mukesh Ambani-led company is learned to have said that its new offer cannot be termed as an extension of its inaugural promotional offer. There were many things which changed since the welcome offer and this offer cannot be the same as Welcome offer.

Jio argued about calling the Happy New Year Offer Predatory and explaining that tariff plans have multiple components and changing one of them changes the offer, therefore, the Happy New Year plan cannot be seen as an extension of the Welcome offer. The response was clarified and should see how the TRAI will be giving out the response about the letter.

Reliance Jio Explanation to TRAI Calling Welcome Offer Predatory:

The response was to TRAI’s letter which was dated December 20, in which the TRAI asked Reliance Jio that why ‘Happy New Year offer’ should not be seen as “violation” of regulatory guidelines and terms. It also asked why the offer of free data under the promotional scheme should not be treated as “predatory”.