Baby Breastfeeding and Probiotics can cut risk of Cancer in babies


New Study Reveals That breastfeeding babies who receive probiotic supplements for three weeks have good health, it secure the baby from diabetes and few cancers. This finding is the first that shows combination of breast milk and a probiotic organism can lead to lasting changes in the gut microbiome, said lead reasearcher Mark Underwood. Earlier Studies suggested that breastfeeding can Reduse risk of asthma among children later in life.

The team examined on 66 breastfeeding mothers. In the first group, 34 mothers fede their babies for three-week course of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis EVC001, a probiotic supplement. In second group, the mothers did not administer probiotics. Analyses of fecal samples from the infants, collected during the first 60 days of life, revealed stark differences. Do Check : Early Breastfeeding To New Born Babies Helps To Have Higher IQ, Brain Development

The Study shows that larger populations of B. infantis, which improves the health was present in newborns who received supplement than in the infants who did not. Those colonies persisted for at least 30 days after the end of supplementation, suggesting that the changes were durable, say the researchers.

Breastmilk forms one of the first sources of nutrition for the baby. Insufficient milk production may be caused due to many reasons like insufficient glandular tissue, hormonal changes, illnesses, or nutritional deficiencies. Ms. Anju Majeed, Director and Senior Scientist at Sami Labs, suggests some of most prominent spices or galactogogues that can come handy.

The team next plan is to find how the combination of breast milk and probiotics affects the gut health of premature babies, who are at increased risk of dysbiosis.

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