Beetroot Juice Boosts Brain Performance and Muscle Power in Adults

Image Source: Health Line

Beetroot Juice Boosts Brain Performance: Beetroot which many people doesn’t like is good for our health which mainly points out at Brain. If you take a glass of Beetroot it increases the strength of Brain’s performance and even muscle power says the recent study done by Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

The studies found out that Beetroot juice is the better and natural way to improve your memory power and muscle building. Beetroot is not a great vegetable in many houses as it doesn’t look great in the color it posses and the sticky nature of its color. But those are the kind of things which have great nutritional values in them. Beetroot juice can work wonders as a pre and post workout drink by boosting energy, blood flow and endurance.

Beetroot Juice Boosts Brain Performance and Muscle Building:

These are the reason for you to take the Beetroot Juice.

  • A recent study done by Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC said that drinking beetroot before exercising may aid brain performance for older adults. Researchers found that older adults who consumed beetroot juice prior to engaging in moderately intense exercise demonstrated greater connectivity in brain regions associated with motor function. Beetroot has also gained popularity for its potential health benefits, which include reduced blood pressure and increased exercise performance.
  • Beetroot Juice also increase blood flow to the brain, particularly to a region associated with motor control, cognitive functioning, emotion, and other brain functions.
  • A recent study by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, said that beetroot juice increases muscle power in patients with heart failure. The researchers believe that high nitrate content in beet juice could explain the improved muscle power in the study participants.
  • Researchers have found that nitrate-rich beetroot juice helps the body acclimatise more quickly and thoroughly at high altitude. Erik Gaustad, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology told that, “It may be the extra boost your body needs to deliver enough oxygen to your tired muscles and keep you healthy when you are climbing a high mountain.”
  • A study done by Kansas State University stated that the nitrate found in beetroot concentrate increases blood flow to skeletal muscles during exercise by almost 38 percent to fast-twitch muscle fibers. The study also found that in addition to improving athletic performance, beetroot can also improve the quality of life for those who have suffered heart failure by improving their blood flow.

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