Delhi Pollution- Safeguard Yourself & Stay Healthy With These Tips


Delhi is one of the most affluent urban centres in India and is at the heart of India’s largest consumer belt. The city is known for its rich past and thriving present, full of dreams with millions of people. But now we all only hear of to its pollution filled roads.

The capital city is now under a great threat where the air pollution hits the dangerous level. As the pollution has hit 70 times the World Health Organisation’s safe limit, doctors have suggested people wear N90 masks whenever they go out. The temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and atmospheric boundary layer could be the reasons for the worsening Delhi air as said by experts.

Research states that regular exposure to air pollution can result in the variety of pulmonary diseases, especially in children and the elderly. Air pollution can cut down your lung capacity by 20 percent in children. Although many measures are being taken by the government we, the citizens should protect ourselves from this air pollution which is toxicating our lives. Here are some helpful ways to lead a hazzle-free life from pollution.

In case of extreme air pollution, try avoiding working out when outdoors. This is because you breathe heavily when you work out, which results in more particles entering through your airways.

Eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits rich in vitamin C, magnesium, omega fatty acids that can help fight any allergy or infection.Have herbal ginger and tulsi tea in adequate quantity.

Vacuum your house and floors every day to avoid accumulation of more dust particles indoors. Install an air purifier – this is one of the best ways to clear air pollution-related health problems and can be beneficial for people with respiratory conditions. Start switching your filters up more often than the instructions suggest, but keep in mind that these filters can be clogged quickly in smoggy areas.

A mask should be used to filter all the dust particles from the air you breathe in. While normal masks are effective enough, N95 and N99 pollution masks are recommended as the most effective ones. These pollution masks can be availed from the online shopping websites and even in your nearby chemist shops.

You heard it right, plant and grow some plants at your home and near your areas. This can help reduce air pollution a lot where you can breathe some fresh air near them. Some plants like broadleaf lady palm, lily turf, peace lily, spider plant, etc can help from harmful gases and air around us.

We now live in health and fitness world which is a bit confusing phrase with these hurdles. But doing yoga, breathing exercises and workouts can help a lot from these environmental conditions to lead a healthy life. Practice them at off-hours wherein the greenery is more, where more bikes and cars don’t travel or at indoors.

Before stepping out from home analyze the day-to-day pollution levels and go out. Lessen your physical activities outdoor if the pollution levels are high and avoid roaming out in these cases.

In an already polluted surroundings, smoking could be a dangerous hazard for your health. The smokers not only polluting their body but also people around and environment also. Smoking also causes air pollution.

Throughout the day wind changes that blow away the pollutants both towards and way from your home. So keep your windows closes when there is wind floe towards your home because it brings a lot of dust particles and polluted air that results in lung diseases. As it is less you can open the fresh air.

Special precautions must be taken to control the dust produced at large construction sites. If that is near your home shut your windows and doors at working hours to avoid dust.

Although many precautions being taken to control air pollution in Delhi, those are just going vain. There is no glance of the city which we can witness smoke-free or fresh air surroundings. So it is necessary to follow these helpful tips to ensure we are not as affected by respiratory and other lung diseases from air pollution.

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