Diarrhoea Affects Over 1100 as Outbreak Spreads to Other Wards in Kolkata


More than 1100 affected by Diarrhoea as the outbreak spreads to adjoining wards. As many as 10 wards in the corporation in the southern and eastern parts of the city have been affected. The official report stated that more and more are being admitted for diarrhoea like symptoms from the wards and other wards under Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

“About 1,150 persons have been affected and 42 have been hospitalized so far,” the state Director of Health Services Ajoy Chakraborty said. According to Chakraborty, the Health Department has approached the School of Tropical Medicine and asked it to test the water in the affected areas. This is the biggest outbreak in the municipality as the number is increasing daily as many people are being admitted.

“Without water-related contamination such outbreak is unlikely to happen. This is due to a common source of infection,” said Chakraborty, adding that no deaths have been reported, despite the severity of the outbreak, and that the situation was in control thanks to the “efficiency of healthcare system.”

Official sources said wards 101, 102, 107, 108, 109 and 110 of the KMC were hit, with 102 — comprising Jadavpur, Ramkrishna Pally, Chittaranjan Colony, Central Park, Kajipara, Baghajatin and other areas — being among the worst affected. Earlier, the water samples collected in the wards has shown that there was no water contamination. Even the mayor of Kolkata, Sovan Chatterjee has come forward and reported that there is no water contamination and they are not certain of the cause till now.

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