Doctors Removed Underdeveloped fetus removed from 20-day-old boy

Underdeveloped fetus removed from 20-day-old boy
Underdeveloped fetus removed from 20-day-old boy

Rare Incident doctors from Ahmedabad performed a rare operation to remove a foetus from the body of a 20-day-old baby boy. According to a report published in The Times of India, the child belonging to a couple from Sanand in Ahmedabad and was admitted, after the parents discovered a swelling in the baby stomach. It was later revealed to the shocked family that the infant was suffering from a rare condition called retroperitoneal mature teratoma or fetus in fetu.

In this condition, an underdeveloped fetus in found in the abdomen of another infant.This condition occurs one in five lakh cases and around 200 such cases have been recorded in medical history. A city-based consultant gastrointestinal hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgeon, Bhavin Vasavada, who conducted the surgery, said that the CT scan was showing the rare condition after which a team of doctors decided to operate the baby. The operation was a success and the child is said to be recuperating well.

The report added that the baby, whose parents are from Sanand town in Ahmedabad, has now been discharged after hospitalizing for around a week and is said to be recovering well.

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