Eating Slowly helps you to lose weight and Prevent Obesity


Want to Lose Weight New Study Reveals that One can shed extra weight by slowing down the speed of eating, cutting out after dinner snacks and not eating within two hours of going to sleep. The Finding was carried out by a Japanese research team which analyzed the effects of eating speed on obesity. More than 59,000 Japanese men and women took part in the study, and they were asked to rate their own eating speed as fast, normal or slow. At the end of the study, researchers finalized the direct links between eating speed and the increased chances of obesity.

To get these results, experts, from the Kyushu University in Japan, tracked participants over six years with 22,070 of the participants routinely scoffing food down quickly, 33,455 eating at a normal speed and 4,192 classing themselves as slow eaters.

They believe that fast eaters weigh in higher than their slow counterparts as it takes around 20 minutes for the brain to receive the message is the stomach is full. Therefore fast eaters would have gobbled down their food well after they have had enough.

“Fast eaters may continue to eat until they feel full despite having already consumed an adequate amount of calories, and the combined effect of eating quickly and overeating may contribute to weight gain,” the researchers wrote.

Nevertheless, eating quickly has been linked to impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance. This is possibly because it may take longer for fast eaters to feel full, whereas this might happen more quickly for slow eaters, helping to curb their calorie intake, the researchers suggested.

And they conclude, “Changes in eating habits can affect obesity, BMI, and waist circumference. Interventions aimed at reducing eating speed may be effective in preventing obesity and lowering the associated health risks”.

The findings from the study are published in the online journal BMJ Open. (ANI)

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