Indian Researcher Shriya Srinivasan to Discuss Technology on Neural Sensation in Tedx Gateway 2018


Indian origin researcher, Shriya Srinivasan, a Phd student from Harvard University is going to discuss the role of technology on neural sensation in Tedx Gateway 2018. Others who share their work in technology in innovation will deliver their speech and share with the public at the TedxGateway in Mumbai. We all know that TEDx talks are one of the inspirational talks around the world.

The list of research includes work on a prosthetic arm that allows the wearer a greater sense of touch, and a device created by a 16-year-old which allows people to detect silent heart attacks. According to Indian Express, Shriya Srinivasan, a medical engineering and medical physics student in the Harvard-MIT Sciences and Technology programme will showcase her research work which allows human prosthesis to mimic a human limb far more efficiently.

In her project, Srinivasan has used existing nerves and muscle graft to form a communication of the prosthetic limb with the brain.The technology is under trial at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and aims to bring human body closer to technology, physically and neurologically.

The researched prosthesis uses the prosthetic limb to co-ordinate with existing nerves, muscle grafts, even in situations where amputation occurred several years ago, to make the person feel the force he or she is exerting on the prosthesis and its functions.

“We use neural interfacing strategy that better helps connect human body with gadgets. An amputee does not like to use external device because it is not integrated into the human body,” says Shriya Srinivasan, the lead author of the study. “This technology will help patients control their prosthesis with native neural signals and receive a basic sensory response,” she adds.

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