Meet 18-month-old Ivy Suffering from water allergy, even her own tears!


Meet 18 months old Ivy Lynn Angerman daughter of Brittany Angerman lives in Hastings, Minnesota, USA. Going Into Detail Ivy Lynn Angerman has a rare medical condition that has made her allergic to every form water comes in, even her own tears!

According to the child’s mother Brittany Angerman, activities like bathing and sweating can cause Ivy’s skin to turn red and blister.

“Ivy used to love the bath and now, she’s screaming bloody murder when we have to wash her.  It feels like a third-degree burn. She runs around screaming that she’s hot. It’s so hard to watch as a mother,” Brittany Angerman explains to People.

Initially, Brittany Angerman and her husband thought the allergy might’ve been caused by contaminants found in their water supply. But after seeing her response to the bath water in various hotels and houses, they realized that their water supply wasn’t the sole cause of Ivy’s skin reactions. And after a meeting with an allergologist, it was confirmed that direct contact with water can cause Ivy severe allergic reactions.

The immediate remedy to Ivy’s unique condition is an antihistamine, which she has to take twice a day to keep her allergies at bay.But even antihistamines can have their limitations, and the body can become immune to them with overuse. And that’s just what’s happening to Ivy. She now only takes a bath twice a week, and antihistamines are given to her right after it.

At the moment, both Brittany Angerman and her husband are asking for monetary help from internet users to be able to move to a home that’s much more conducive to Ivy’s health.

“The house we’re renting now was built in 1901 and doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s a house that is very hard to keep cool and will be extremely difficult for Ivy when it gets warm,” Angerman adds.

Through this Go Fund Me page, people from all over the world can help this family adjust to a better and more specialized lifestyle for their daughter, Ivy.

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