Personal Vaccine Therapy Helps Treating Ovarian Cancer Effectively


A new personalized vaccine have been made by the researchers to help patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer build a stronger defense against tumors compared to standard therapy, boosting their survival rates. The experimental treatment joins several approaches together in an innovative cancer treatment method. This is a very good news for women who are suffering with the disease.

The treatment uses a person’s immune cells as a T-cell training force, making it an immunotherapy. But it also uses specific proteins in a patient’s tumor as kind of homing beacons, making it a targeted therapy. And since patients’ cells are taken from and returned to them, the treatment is personalized. This therapy harvests a class of immune-boosting cells called dendritic cells.

This study was published in Science Translation Medicine. This therapy harvests a class of immune-boosting cells called dendritic cells. Using cells taken from a patient’s tumor, scientists trained the dendritic cells to recognize and attach a specific kind of malignant tumor. When the engineered cells were returned to the patient, the cells passed on their training to the immune system’s T-cells that kill foreign bodies.

Among the ten women with ovarian cancer who received injections of the personalized vaccine, combined with medications, eight of them showed a strong immune system response, and remained alive after two years. By comparison, 56 patients who got standard chemotherapy only saw half still living after two years. Of ten patients who took one of the medications with the personalized vaccine, only 30% survived to two years.

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