Here are Reasons Why Sleeping on Your Left is Healthier Than to Your Right


Sleep is an important aspect for a human to survive a healthy life. Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health and the quality of your waking life. Fall short and it can take a serious toll on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even your weight. For a human being 7-8 hours of sleep per night is a must. On an average, human spends one third of life in sleep.

Sleeping on your back is the actual way a human must sleep. But many people doesn’t actually sleep in the same way, instead they sleep either towards their left or right. So, do you know that sleeping on your right is not healthy while sleeping on your left is much healthier. If you know the reason, you won’t be sleeping towards your left again. If you sleep on your right, you might want to change that position.

Sleeping on Your Left is Healthier Than to Your Right:

  • Sleeping on Your Back:
    Sleeping on our back makes it easier for our head, neck, and spine to align and keep it in a neutral position. No extra pressure or curves are being added to the back. You are in the best position as your spine stays in natural alignment all night long.
  • Sleeping on Your Right:
    Sleeping to the right side is likely to worsen digestion problems. It slows down the working of the lymphatic system and hinders with its toxin filtering capabilities. Sleeping on right-side sleeping makes them worse.
  • Sleeping on Your Left:
    Sleeping on the left side can also ease heartburn and acid reflux, making it easier for people with these conditions to doze off. Emphasizing the left side for rest and sleep offers some time-tested wisdom for very real health and longevity benefits. Research suggests sleeping on the left side can relieve heartburn symptoms.

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