Reduce Fat by Long Breath: This Weight Loss ‘Diet’ Claims To Make Your Exhale Your Fat


Most people attempt a diet at some point in their life. Many of us are on one right now. However, new research says that dieting may be counterproductive and that, actually, the key is eating regularly.One of the biggest dilemmas of those wishing to lose weight is what they should begin with. Should they alter their diet first or include exercise in their daily routine?

Here is the New concept of the Long Breath Diet introduced by Japan in 2013, when former actor Miki Ryosuke claimed to have lost 12 Kgs and five inches around his waist in seven weeks by following the ‘diet!’ Ryosuke has popularised the concept and has put out videos to help viewers practice the diet and lose weight. According to the diet expert, the exercise only takes two minutes of your time every day.

There are two ways One way is to raise your hands above your head and then inhale air through your nose for three seconds and exhale from your mouth for seven seconds.The second way of practicing the technique involves the dieter standing upright while tightening their buttocks and placing one hand on their stomach, and the other on the bottom of their back.They are then told to inhale for three seconds before breathing out for seven seconds, all of the time holding in their stomach.

The Long Breath Diet is believed to increase a dieter’s muscle strength and to boost their metabolism by increasing their blood oxygen levels.However, most experts believe that practicing it for just two minutes a day is not sufficient to see any significant weight loss. when oxygen reaches the fat molecules stored in the body; it breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is then picked up the blood, which transports it to the lungs for exhalation. Although all of this sounds pretty easy and great as a principle, there is limited evidence about the effectiveness of the diet.

It’s important to remember that the Long Breath diet is a fad diet, and hence, must always be taken with a pinch of salt.

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