Valentine’s Day Romance Leads to Pregnancy Increasing the Rate of Conception by 5 Percent


Valentine’s Day Romance Leads to Pregnancy: According to a new study revealed by NHS England, it shows that there will be a 5 percent increase in the rate of conception on Valentine’s day. According to the data gathered to help the NHS provide the best possible care for mums-to-be and their babies, Health officials quoted the whole analysis as the proof of “love is most definitely in the air”.

A record 88 percent of new mothers said that they were treated with dignity and respect throughout labour, according to the latest CQC survey which was published last month. There were 16,263 babies conceived in the week of Valentine’s Day, up on an average of 15,427 each week, according to 2015 figures that have been analysed for the first time. Another 16,344 were conceived the following week meaning that the Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas for the number of women becoming pregnant.

Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chair of the Maternity Transformation Programme at NHS England, as quoted by The Telegraph that, “Those of us who work in maternity services are so proud that there has never been a better time to have a baby, with record numbers of new mums saying they have been treated with dignity and respect, with more personalised care on offer and life expectancy at an all-time high.”

She also quoted, “Love is most definitely in the air at this time of year and it is fantastic to learn that the NHS sees a mini-baby boom nine months later – bringing with it great joy to families across the nation. However we know we have more work to do to ensure personal and safe care are delivered every time – and we are totally committed to doing even better.”

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