If you want a healthy baby Stop Smoking During Pregnancy because it Harm’s baby


Smoking During Pregnancy Might health risks to the unborn child, including causing birth defects. Mother Smoking During Pregnancy effects child after birth as well. Recently, a New Study found that too much smoking leads to asthma risks too. The researchers examined  on 376 newborns and revealed detailed information from parents about smoking vulnerability during pregnancy and in the home at three and 15 months of age.

In 2010, nearly 12 percent of Australian women consumed smoke during their pregnancy. Researchers hope that by identifying the underlying mechanism, they can find ways to improve the neurological outcomes in babies of smoking mothers.Obviously, getting pregnant women to stop smoking is the logical step.

“What we have observed so far is that in order to avoid harm to their baby, mothers need to give up smoking several months or even years before their pregnancy, as smoking will affect the quality of their eggs before they are even fertilised,” said lead researcher and UTS senior lecturer Hui Chen. Do Read This : Feeling Stress During Pregnancy affects the size of Baby; How To Overcome Stress

Lead author Dr Philip Pattemore from the University of Otago Christchurch, in New Zealand said hair nicotine increased with number of smokers, daily cigarettes smoked at home and was also strongly associated with smoking in pregnancy.

Although overall the hair nicotine levels in the participants were relatively low, higher levels of hair nicotine were associated with increased risk of wheeze and, though not significant, of asthma at 15 months of age. However, at older ages the associations were non-significant. Must Read: Pregnancy Diet Chart with Key Nutrients for Giving Birth to Healthy Baby

Notes: “However, the message for the public is if you want a healthy baby, you need to stop smoking long before you plan for the pregnancy.”

The research first published in journal of Pediatric Pulmonology.

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