World Diabetes Day 2017: 7 Foods You Should Eat in Every Day diet


World Diabetes Day 2017: Diabetes is the general term used for conditions which lead to an increase in glucose levels in the blood. Though a dangerous disease with a proper diet and lifestyle change, you can control your blood sugar levels.

In order to regulate diabetes, ensuring a balance between regular exercise and healthy diet is key. To counter the effects of diabetes, here are 7 healthy foods You Should Eat Every Day in your diet. These nutritious foods not only help in diabetes management but can also prevent the risk of diabetes.


Pomegranates contain the richest combination of antioxidants thereby, protecting you from free-radicals and chronic diseases. Apples are a hypoglycemic fruit which contains plenty of fibre that is an impeccable ingredient for a diabetic. Berries have the capability to break glucose into energy, which reduces the increased glucose levels by a considerable amount.

With a low glycaemic index, guava is very rich in dietary fibre that helps ease constipation and can lower the chance of developing type-2 diabetes. Guavas are also high in vitamin A and vitamin C. Natural antioxidants in papaya make it a great choice for diabetics. Jamun and Jamun leaves are good for diabetic patients. As it has anti-diabetic features. Oranges, Amla are the fruits which helps you to manage blood sugar levels.

2.Leafy greens

Green leafy vegetables such as kale, mustard leaves, turnip leaves and methi are low in calories and carbohydrates and therefore, they do not cause sudden spikes to your blood sugar levels. They are also packed with fiber and Vitamin C, which acts a powerful antioxidant.

3.Lean Protein